About Us

Teleios Traveling Theatre draws its name from the Greek word τέλειος (teleios, pronounced "tell-ae-os"), often translated simply as "perfect" but which means rather "having been perfected" or "having reached its end or aim."  Likewise we, through our lives, seek that ultimate goal of reaching our aim and achieving perfection.

Theatre helps us to shape our lives as we walk down the path toward our ultimate perfection, allowing ourselves to be transformed moment by moment into a reflection of beauty, truth, and goodness.  Through youth workshops and other theatrical productions, Teleios Traveling Theatre aims to bring each person, actor and audience alike, to that encounter which takes place deep within.

    About the Founder

Nicole Scofield started the Theatre of the Saints program in 2010.  She has a degree in drama from Franciscan University of Steubenville and recently served as stage manager/technical assistant for St. Luke Productions show Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy.  Passionate about the power of theatre to convert hearts and make us fully alive, she founded Teleios Traveling Theatre to give that opportunity to others, especially youth.  She undertakes this ministry in abandonment to Divine Providence.  Fiat voluntas Dei!